Azar Berenjian

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Against the Grain is an attempt at shedding light on many aspects of the Queer Black experience, both the good and the bad. I have interviewed 4 other Queer Black individuals to try and paint the fullest picture possible via 3d pieces inspired by said stories, placed into an AR space. As someone who’s gone through life as a queer Black person with my own unique set of experiences, I feel like even within queer representation, people of color are typically left out of the picture. This causes young queer POC to not always have something to relate to when going through their struggles, when no one being represented for them actually looks like them.

While I can’t speak for other groups of people, I see it as a duty to become that change that you see in the world; the fight for equal representation starts with yourself, and I want to shed light on the stories of people who actually look like me and can relate to me. While I think it’s important to shed light on the tough realities of the situation, it’s important to also not lose sight of the things that make one proud to be part of such a special minority. I think it is also very crucial to highlight demographics that tend to live in between the lines of belonging. Being a part of two unique marginalized groups, and yet in some ways feeling outcast from them both, brings an interesting perspective. While it is a small effort, I just want other young queer Black individuals to know that they aren’t alone; and this acts as a tribute.

Made with Blender and Unity MRTK.